What a Digital Forensic Team can Do for your Company After a Cyber Breach

These days, businesses have adopted the fact that breaches are a matter of “when,” not “if.” That is why they must develop internal and external resources to investigate and supervise the effects of an attack when they take place. When a cybersecurity breach occurs, your company should contact your cyber insurance policy carrier right away. Your insurance provider will then hire a forensics company to investigate the breach. Digital forensics is an expensive aspect of most cyber claims. But, an Elijah digital forensics investigator will provide their clients with all necessary digital forensics assistance they need. 

What the Investigator will Do?

Digital forensics companies fulfill many roles in responding to a breach. They preserve evidence of violations. A forensic investigation team treats the breach computer system as a crime scene, ensuring evidence is preserved and unaltered. This lets law enforcement prosecute cybercriminals when found and helps in keeping evidence admissible for both criminal and civil court in case of future disputes. 

How a Digital Forensics Team can Help your Organization

In general, the digital forensics team is responsible for answering many questions for both the breached company and the insurance company. They will try to identify how the breach took place and who performed the attack. Also, they will analyze the size of the breach, identify how many and which records were exposed to hackers. The breached company will use this information to comply with public notification requirements related to the attack. 

Moreover, the digital forensic team will try to root out any malicious code that may still be in the system following the breach. They identify unauthorized user accounts with inappropriate privileges. They may also help in determining the extent to which an attack or breach is still ongoing. Such information is important to help the breached company improve its security and ensure a future breach doesn’t take place as a result of the first one.

Every organization must make sure their cyber insurance policies will offer high-quality forensics in case of a breach. Companies must ensure the forensics team can readily access the computer systems and personnel so they can do their job efficiently and on time. Cyber claims are continuously growing in size, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, these organizations must take important steps to reduce and mitigate the risks of cyberattacks which can lead to serious losses. Being proactive and hiring reputable digital forensic experts may also help keep claim expenses low. 

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