The Survival Guide To Event Photography

Wedding Photography Survival Guide for Introverts // Emily Tyler Photo

Did you know that over 80% of photographers have tried event photography at some point in their careers? This is because it has been one of the sectors of photography with the easiest access and with the most demand for a long time.

For these reasons, it may seem easy to foray into event photography, and it is normal to think that with little, you can earn a lot. But it is not as simple as taking the camera and shooting, so, we will see everything you need to get into this part of professional photography. Look at https://photolemur.com/blog/top-photography-tips.

Are you thinking of dedicating yourself to event photography? Here is the survival guide that will help you in everything you need to know.

What Does Event Photography Consist Of?

Before continuing with the explanation, it is important to understand what event photography consists of.

To put it simply, an event consists of any event that brings together a group of people celebrating something in particular. This can range from weddings, social gatherings, concerts, to fairs or conventions of any kind. The vast majority of these events need to be immortalized, and for that, there are the event photographers.

Shooting Methods For Success

Since the events are active, you will have little time to change the parameters of your camera to your liking. This means that semi-automatic shooting modes are the best choice, regardless of the style of the photos.

Select a shutter speed that avoids shaky photos and start taking your photos without thinking about anything else. This way, you ensure that you will not find hundreds of blots when downloading your photos. Of course, shoot in RAW to avoid problems with light and colors, and don’t worry about camera profiles.

Shooting And Editing

As for the session itself, there are several keys to achieving the best results. The first is to take more photos than you think you need.

Many times, you will think you have enough with a couple of each moment. Let me tell you; you’re mistaken. The more photos you take, the more chances you will have of getting unique and special shots.

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