The Motherboards in Gaming that You Would Like to have Perfectly

Building a PC Gamer can be very exciting, but you need to pay attention to all the options you have. Actuality, storage and complementary plates also deserve to be considered.

This guide will clarify some important factors and help you buy an amazing gaming computer. Find out how to buy a gamer PC with everything you need.


The processor will determine your computer’s speed and its ability to perform tasks smoothly. It has to be very fast, and withstand heavy programs. The ideal is a processor at least quad-core with more than 3 GHz.

Intel’s third generation is excellent thanks to its TurboBoost function, which offers better performance when needed. An Intel i5 processor is a solid option for most players, but an Intel i7 will give you a lot more speed.

  • The processor determines how a system will work in most software. If you plan to spend a lot of money on it, an octa-core from Intel can be tempting. But keep in mind that these Core X-Series chips cost a high price and are not worth it for games. It is only recommended for those who have absolutely no concern for the final price. This series can run up to 18 cores, such as the Core i9-7980XE, which costs around R $ 15,000.
  • Overall, Intel is the best brand. Although AMD is competitive at some price points, all of the company’s processors do not offer solid performance.

Video card

 This item is likely to be about 1/3 of the total price of a gaming PC. Don’t skimp on that item. AMD and Nvidia cards are the only brands to mention when it comes to video cards, and they are available at a reasonable price.

The video card is very important because it is responsible for showing the image quality of a game. If you are looking for acceptable performance, look for cards of 4GB or more. Currently, the best video cards already have more than 8GB.


You must remember that the motherboard is the point at which all other components are connected (in addition to the power supply), so it is necessary to have a good board to make the most of the parts.

Imagine that the Motherboards are a cities. If you choose very powerful components, but an H110 certified plate, for example, you will have a city where the roads are one way, and there will be congestion. If you choose these same components, but with a Z270 card, roads will have several lanes in both directions, and all components will be much better used.

Last Words

Not always the most expensive is the best, as there are cards that stand out for having many lighting or cooling options in the M.2 modules. It may be that you don’t want colored LEDs, or that you don’t use an M.2 SSD, so it would be absurd to spend more money on it. Regarding the choice of the motherboard, this element is the main protagonist that will define the possibility or not of future updates.

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