Does Your Teen Use Hidden Apps on their Phone? How to Find Them?

In this digital age, it is difficult to survive without a smartphone. As much as adults need cell phones for different purposes, teens also want them. Most parents hand over smartphones to their teens so they can stay in touch with them no matter what the situation is.

Providing their teen with a smartphone gives them a sense of relief that they can reach out to their teen and ask them about their wellbeing at any time. For example, if a parent feels their teen kid is taking too long to get back home from school, they can send out a text message to them and ask them about their whereabouts.

In other cases where teens like to be secretive about their activities and whereabouts, parents can install the free spy app for Android undetectable on their teens’ phones and monitor their activity. The need for a monitoring or spy app arises when teens start becoming secretive all of a sudden. The first step towards being secretive is having installed hidden or vault apps on their smartphones.

What are Hidden Apps?

We are certain you must have heard of vault apps. Vault apps are designed to store photos, videos, and other apps on your phone. Password authentication is required to open these apps. For instance, if your teens have installed vault apps on their smartphones, they must also have restricted them with a password. It would be unlikely for parents to open these apps unless they know the password.

Now that you know about vault apps, let us talk about hidden apps. Most teens also happen to use hidden apps on their smartphones. These apps may look innocuous, just like a calculator app, but are used to hide photos, videos, and text messages that teens do not want their parents to see. Just like vault apps, hidden apps also require passwords to open them.

Sometimes, teens also use vault apps to hide hidden apps. By doing this, the content inside these vault apps becomes even more difficult to access by parents. These apps are designed to be so secure that some will automatically capture a photo of a person if they use the wrong password to open them.

These apps are said to be dangerous because most users use them to store inappropriate content inside them such as explicit photos, videos, and text messages.

Signs That Your Teen is Using a Hidden App on Their Phone

Most parents remain unaware of their teens having hidden apps on their smartphones. However, if you closely monitor your teen’s behavior then you can find out about the hidden apps. Following are the signs that you need to look out for to know that your teen is using a hidden app on their smartphone:

  • When your teen turns off their smartphone or hides the screen from you as soon as you enter or exit their room
  • When your teen refuses to hand over their passwords to you or allow you to look through their smartphone.
  • When your teen has installed multiple apps of the same type, for example, two calculators, on their smartphone.

How to Locate Hidden Apps on Your Teen’s Phone?

You can locate hidden apps on your teen’s smartphone by adopting several different ways. The first step is to physically check if they have installed any hidden apps on their device. If your teen is using an Android phone, you can head to the Settings of their phone and open the Application list. There you can see the list of apps installed on their phone. If you come across any app titled “hide photos”, “vault app” or “secret app” then it means the app has already been installed on their phone.

The same is the case with iPhone devices. You can visit the App store on your kid’s iPhone and search for words like “vault app”, “secret app”, or “hide photos”. If any of the apps have “OPEN” mentioned next to them instead of “GET”, it means the app already exists on their iPhone device.

Once you find that hidden apps are already installed on your kid’s phone, you can try to open them (in case you know the passwords) and see what’s hidden inside them. If you are not aware of the passwords, you can ask your teen about those hidden apps and understand what made them install the apps in the first place.

Apart from this method, you can use parental controls on your teen’s device. Most devices have in-built parental controls that help you control and manage your kid’s smartphone activity. Third-party monitoring apps can be used to check the list of installed apps on your teen’s smartphone. Several best free hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone are available in the market to help you keep an eye on your teen’s smartphone without them knowing.

Inform Your Teens About Digital Dangers

Because teens use hidden and vault apps to hide inappropriate content on their smartphone, it is important to inform them why teens should not be allowed to have them on their phones. You need to inform your teens about online dangers and how they can negatively impact their lives.

Every parent should maintain some technology rules for their kids. They should not be allowed to store inappropriate content on their smartphone and should not be permitted to access the internet at bedtime.

More importantly, you should inform your teens how to use the internet and social media safely and responsibly. You should make your teens comfortable around you so much so that they can come to you when they face a problem on the internet and discuss how to get around that problem.

You should make your teens aware of the harmful online dangers such as sexting, pornography, and inappropriate content. Also, teach them about the potential consequences of risky online behavior and how they can protect themselves from such behavior. It’s essential to discuss with your teens how hidden apps can put them in danger and be harmful to them.

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