Business 101: Reviewing best ideas for preventing data breaches!

In recent years, especially the last decade, terms like ‘cyberattack’, ‘data breach’ and ‘security concerns’ are featuring in industry & business news more often than ever. Some of the biggest brands have suffered because of data breaches, and consequences are not limited to financial & revenue losses alone. Every company has to keep an eye for hacking vulnerability in their system, and that includes tracking all components, networks, systems, apps and on-premise security systems, such as IP cameras. In this post, we are sharing the best ideas for preventing data breaches.

Strengthen on-premise security

If your company is still using analog cameras, it is high time to change things. Ensure that you are using the best options for on-premise security. IP cameras are your best choice and allow consistent monitoring, access and supervision. Of course, not all IP cameras are same, so check for the features you get and ensure that the firmware is updated at all times. If you are using a software or app for managing on-premise security, ensure that the same is updated and patched.

Train your employees

Just monitoring your employee activities using IP cameras and other system software programs is not enough. Frontline employees are often the weakest link when it comes to data breaches, and it is necessary to ensure that they are trained and made aware of security breaches, consequences, and all possible means of hacking and compromises. Train your employees on cybersecurity.

Focus on password protection

One of the most overlooked aspects in many companies is password protection. All default usernames and passwords need to checked and changed immediately, and ensure that all the basic norms are adhered to. For instance, a strong password should be at least 12 characters long, must have uppercase & lowercase letters, should have special characters and must be hard to guess.

Get regular system checks done

Testing your networks and systems for vulnerabilities is one of the most proactive steps towards preventing a data breach. Keep in mind that data breaches often happen because the security perimeters were not fixed or checked for. If required, hire a third-party security expert and get a more detailed look at possible concerns.

Finally, ensure that all outdated, unused software, apps, and firmware are removed from your systems and networks. Consistent network monitoring & a proactive stance towards cybersecurity and on-premise security are the best steps towards finding and thawing hacking attempts.

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